Lucky Rice Festival’s Night Market

Apologies for the extended delay on updating this blog. I’m packing up my bags to get ready for Paris next week and I’m busy with work and eating out a few more places before I jet out from New York City. I’m sorry, my readers. They’re setting up Back on April 30th, I was invited to Lucky Rice’s highly anticipated event (read: SOLD OUT) Night Market at Dumbo’s Archway Under the Brooklyn Bridge. I arrived early to watch vendors setting up and talked to the gregarious and lovable men of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and one of their volunteers,..

Homemade Bread, Macarons, Almondine, and Bouchon (again)

This is to back track everything that has happened the entire week or so. Starting with some homemade bread. I made this bread before I actually ate out with my aunt (the one who’s visiting from Hong Kong) from my earlier post, at Chung Moo Roo but since I don’t really have a real recipe for you to write about except that it’s a very close derivative of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread from The Bread Bible except that I used whole wheat flour (about 15 – 20% total) to make it healthy. My aunt is somewhat of a..

A Day of Baked Goods and Fooding: A Girls’ Day Out

This is the second, separate post for something that has taken 6 1/2 hours of hanging out with a lot of my girlfriends. This post will be about the fooding portion of the day; the macaron hunt was the previous one. Got it? Good. Sunday morning was the plan that Robyn and I have our macaron hunt/fooding for the past few weeks. The insane thing I told her and all of my friends was that we’re going to meet at Silver Moon Bakery by 9 AM! As preposterous as it is for me to get my behind from Queens and..

The Best of Croissants…Part 2

Well as promised, I would continue my trek for some great croissants that could match Mr. Claude’s. Actually there is a potential rival. I have visited another ten bakeries. So here’s the list…(and I’m still using the same rating system) Balthazar Bakery located in 80 Spring Street (near Crosby St.) in SoHo. It’s a popular place for all things French since it created a huge buzz back five to ten years ago. I never ate in their restaurant but I went to their bakery a few times before. I tried their Almond Croissant ($2.50) a few hours after I bought..