New Savory Croissants at Financier Patisserie

Financier Patisserie will be offering limited edition savory croissants starting on National Croissant Day, Friday, January 30th. This makes it an apt time for Chef Eric Bedoucha to launch savory croissants to the bakery’s already excellent line-up of delectable French pastries. This Florentine wheel, Chicken, Mushroom bechamel triangle – and glazed pecan croissants This past weekend, I had the opportunity to have a preview of Financier Patisserie‘s upcoming release of their three limited edition, so to speak, croissants in the honor of National Croissant Day, Thursday, January 30, 2014. The three croissant creations that Chef Eric Bedoucha and his team..

Life After The Party…More Desserts

After riding out the joy of hanging out with a bunch of good friends at my party, life’s never been the same. I have to go back to the reality of school: papers needed to be done and the coming of finals within a month from now, my happiness has decimated to nothing. Instead of sounding mopey, I’ve gotten a few good edible presents! I’ve received two Donna Toscana bars from K and a box of Mary’s Chocolate and Amano bar from Robyn. (Thank you!! In case I haven’t told to either of you.) It’s chocolate related since they know..

I’m Back! Also A Recap of Two Weeks Ago (Part 1)

Yay! I’m done with the LSATs…just oh, a little under 7 hours ago (approximately 2:30 PM, NY time it was over). I have to say, whoever took that test has my sympathies since that was the worst testing experience I ever had in my life. Seven hours stuck in the same building (the Metropolitan Pavillion in Chelsea for me); the same stark white, frigid (temperature-wise) room with over 100 people taking a freakin’ test for the aspiration of becoming a lawyer. Jesus, I hope I did well before I’ll have to shoot myself (mentally), pay another $123, and do it..

That Is Some French Macaron…

For the past week I went to Madeline Patisserie in Chelsea since I remember reading recently from the NY Times that they sell macarons (Please don’t confuse them with the coconut macaroons; this is the almond meringue based cookies sandwiched with ganache or buttercream, ok?); one of my multitudinous food obsessions and my hopes to find a good one in NYC that doesn’t suck. I went here on two separate occasions. Why? Because from my first visit there, it was they were still baking it and the weather was crummy. Madeline Patisserie (taken on the second visit) Le Menu

Coffee Houses, Bakeries, and a Birthday Lunch

For the past two or more weeks, I’ve been going in and out of a few bakeries and coffeehouses just because I love them…and the fact that I’m waiting for my Restaurant Week lunch reservations to kick in sooner. I went to my first (coffee) love Joe (the one in Union Square), since it’s been ages since I last went there. I always pass this tiny shoebox size of a bakery that is called The Adore. I didn’t eat breakfast the morning when I was going to Eleven Madison Park, so I went in and got myself a croissant and..

A Day of Baked Goods and Fooding: A Girls’ Day Out

This is the second, separate post for something that has taken 6 1/2 hours of hanging out with a lot of my girlfriends. This post will be about the fooding portion of the day; the macaron hunt was the previous one. Got it? Good. Sunday morning was the plan that Robyn and I have our macaron hunt/fooding for the past few weeks. The insane thing I told her and all of my friends was that we’re going to meet at Silver Moon Bakery by 9 AM! As preposterous as it is for me to get my behind from Queens and..

Weirdness of Thursday…(sort of) & Welcome to My New Home

Yesterday was kind of weird. My two problems were dinner and finding out that my former blog at Blogspot is preventing me from publishing because they label it as SPAM! Why?! Especially it’s been last September that I have been publishing. Since I don’t have much faith in waiting for a response on from Blogger, I’m hoping this place won’t give me problems…my last hope is actually going to Typepad and get meself an account there. To the new readers, welcome! To my loyal readers from Blogger, thank you for reading. I really appreciate it! Ok, enough of my problems…I..

A Day of (Sinful) Comfort Food

For the past two days in New York City, it felt like the Arctic. Not like it’s unusual of New York to be this cold but I just don’t like to walk or get out of bed in this type of weather. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way for me since I have classes. Pooh. At least classes start late for me today so I indulge myself into a bit of sinful, comfort foods. I should note that I’m not supposed to eat these items just because I have to go “on a diet.” I put those words in quotes..

Café J’Adore & Otto

I went to Café J’Adore for their croissants. I know it’s been months since I’ve actually eaten a croissant but I think I’m mentally prepared to eat another croissant. For those of you who read my two croissant posts, you know what I mean. Interior shots/menu boards inside I’ve read from a plethora of posts from Chowhound pertaining to the topic of the “best croissants” and I saw this place mentioned quite a few times. So, I thought of coming here one day, and today’s the day. First of all, I don’t like this location. It’s teeming with businessmen and..