El Rey Coffee – A Great Coffee Spot in the LES

Interior of El Rey Coffee & Making my Cappuccino El Rey is a very new coffee shop that just opened in the Lower East Side by Nicholas Morgenstern of a very good East Village restaurant, Goat Town. If you have not realized this, the Lower East Side doesn’t have many options for very good coffee compared to other parts of Manhattan. El Rey is a caffeine life saver for the area. They exclusively use Counter Culture coffee beans and make espresso shots off a gleaming Strada machine (makes a wonderful cappuccino and every coffee geek’s dream if he/she has the..

Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphon & Largo Tea Dripper

Hario Sommelier Coffee Siphon (Model # SCA-05) Hario‘s recent coffee and teaware releases for the spring/summer season are the Sommelier Coffee Siphon (Model # SCA-05) and the Largo Tea Dripper. The Sommelier siphon is very similar to the siphons you’re familiar with but this is so much sleeker, elegant, and less parts to build this unit, to brew your beloved coffee in this technique. For those who are picky about which filter to have in your siphon, it does include both a cloth and fine mesh metal filter. (The cloth would arguably be cleaner tasting and less potential of coffee..

Hario NXA-5 Coffee Siphon NEXT

Hario is a 91-year old heat resistant glass maker for coffee and tea. Their first siphon was released in 1957. Ever since, they’ve created a number of coffee brewers that I’ve learned to love and understand the many techniques to create a delicious cups of coffee. Their newest release, Hario Coffee Siphon NEXT (Model # NXA-5, 20-ounce capacity) it’s an improvement of their original siphon. First is the metal filter. The material conventionally used for the siphon filter is cloth or cotton flannel. The flannel filter is most suitable for extracting a clean cup of coffee and it’s capable of..

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013

One of our most important and influential people, in my life at least, is my mom. Since Mother’s Day is a bit more than 2 weeks away (if you really don’t remember, it’s Sunday, May 12th) you still have some time to get her something before she’ll bite your head off. Here are some of my gift ideas: Chocolates Coco Délice Chocolates Coco Délice is based out in San Francisco, California, whose mission is to have great flavor and appearance, and utilizing the best possible, local ingredients. Their chocolates are French inspired by technique and dominantly French inspired with touches..

Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2013

It’s already February, believe or not, and that usually means it’s Valentine’s Day but interestingly enough, Chinese New Year falls four days before it (February 10, 2013). If you are giving gifts to your Valentine or if you happen to celebrate both Valentine’s and give gifts to family for Chinese New Year, hopefully, this gift guide would give you ideas, ranging from spirits, non-alcoholic beverages to food items. Spirits Bridget Firtle brings small batch rum back to New York from her Brooklyn-based distillery, The Noble Experiment NYC. Owney’s Rum is named after Owen Madden, a Prohibition-era rum runner from Hell’s..

Le Palais des Thés Thé Glacé XL Iced Tea Bags, Chemex Coffeemaker & Coffee Beans (from Victrola, PT’s Coffee Roasting, and The West Bean)

For the past few months, I have been drinking a number of coffees and teas and thought that you’d like to give it a try at home, if it is available. Recently I received a box of Le Palais des Thés Thé Glacé XL Iced Tea Bags ($29). It’s a delicious assortment of their classic four flavor blends: Thé du Hammam, Thé des Sources, Thé des Alizés, and Wu Long 7 Argumes but you make in an iced tea form. No boiling of water is necessary. All you would use is a medium sized pitcher, water straight from the tap..

Ritual Roasters – Amazing Coffee in San Francisco, CA

Brandon of Ritual Roasters met my family and I when we’re in San Francisco on one bright and early June morning. All in the name of great coffee. I know a number of you might be screaming at your screens, essentially at me, “Why didn’t you visit [insert well known San Francisco coffee cafe and roaster]?” One main reason: We have it in New York City. Three locations. My purpose to visit, dine and/or drink at certain places when I travel is because I can’t find them at home and it has to be good. At the Proxy location Back..

Le Creuset’s French Press Pot Review & Giveaway!

Probably by now, most of you my dear readers know I’m a discerning coffee addict. Even my tweets have an occasional random spurts talking about coffee. Anyway, I recently came across Le Creuset‘s newest product for coffee – the French press and it’s in a beautiful, vibrant Marseille blue. Le Creuset is one of the best companies who produces cast iron cookware, their signature is the (very heavy but very reliable) French Oven, as well as a very expansive line of stainless steel pans, bakeware, and recently objects for the table. To the ones who are trying to deviate away..

La Colombe Torrefaction in Chicago

La Colombe Torrefaction, Chicago: Exterior, Interior, delicate flowers by the window, baked goods display As probably most of you might know, I am a die-hard coffee nerd/addict. I do admit that I’m pretty spoiled by the coffee culture as I’m coming from New York City, I have access to a lot of very good to excellent coffee shops here. When I was planning my trip to Chicago, I was mildly freaking out thinking there might be a lack of my essential need in the morning. I don’t want my travel companion to face the ugly side of me when I..