Hot Chocolate from Vosges, Dim Sum Feast at Chatham Square Restaurant and My First Taste of Bubble Tea

The day after my [cref holiday-dinner-at-payard Payard dinner], I was crazy enough to schedule to have dim sum with my friends, Seungmi and Giulia, whom I haven’t seen for months. I love these girls to death but hell, my stomach’s filled with French food and desserts and after that evening, I thought I couldn’t eat anymore. Obviously, I underestimated my hunger…

Drinks at Apothéke, the Finale to Helen’s Birthday Celebration (Part 2)

[This is the continuation of Helen's birthday fooding. Here's Part 1, if you haven't read it yet. This was taken place on: October 20, 2008.] As Helen and I waddled ourselves to Chinatown, after our gluttonous feast of desserts and ramen to burn some calories, I wanted to show her my family’s favorite place for baked pork buns and dai bao (literally translated as “big bun” because eating one will hold you down for a meal or two!). Alas, it was 8 PM and as expected, the buns were sold out for the day and we’re left broken-hearted. But we..

A Week of Food, Part 2: Burger Heaven, Kyotofu, and Meeting Serious Eats

On Wednesday, I was craving for a burger for lunch. I don’t know why exactly but I just want some juicy ground beef sandwiched in a good, soft hamburger bun. Since it’s almost 12, I know it’s going to be crowded to try Burger Joint since it’s not a huge space to start with. (I know this since I visited the space but didn’t try anything.) What I ended up deciding is to try Burger Heaven. You might be wondering why the heck would I try a small chain burger at all. Well, two of my male friends, Ariel and..

Hordes in Chinatown: Chinese New Year Eve, and Mom's Turnip Cake

Being either stupid or brave, I went to Chinatown yesterday. In ways it was kind of stupid because of the hordes of people in Chinatown because it’s Chinese New Year’s Eve. (I should say, “Gong Hay Fat Choy” (in Cantonese), “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (transliterated in Mandarin), or 新年 愉快). I’m just brave enough to walk or sometimes shove my way through the crowds. It’s a zoo there. The reasons why I wanted to go to Chinatown were the food and the Flower Market.I went to the Flower Market in Columbus Park first since I’m hoping it won’t be packed..

Taking a Break from Haute Cuisine: Chinatown

I’m seriously eating too much food this week. I’m definitely taking it easy on the food after this Saturday. I’m still going to the remaining two restaurants next week but don’t expect the daily write-ups I’m doing this week. It’ll most likely be the once or twice a week posting from the next week on. Sorry, my body can handle so much food. Today I went to Chinatown since I’m eating all this fancy stuff the past two days (Cafe Sabarsky and A Voce), I just randomly go into different bakeries all over C-town and hope to find something that..

Snacking at Vosges Haut Chocolat, Dinner at Ajisen Restaurant & Lunch at Tisserie

The countdown begins (about 2 weeks) ’til classes are over. This almost equates to the fact that my eating out days are coming to an end as well. At least, I get time to spend at home or at a friend’s home, baking or cooking something instead of buying food, but that would be around the Christmas and New Year holidays. This week I went to three venues that is a little bit of something to note. On Tuesday afternoon, I went down to SoHo to try Vosgues Haut Chocolat‘s hot chocolate. I’ve read that their “Bianca” white hot chocolate..

This week: pre-Christmas, Vietnamese food & Chocolate

I have about a week and a half left ’til school’s over. I’m happy and unhappy about that statement. If you’re wondering why I’m happy, it’s a given, no more class work, papers, and tests; unhappy it’s because I can’t go out to eat that often and the fact that finals are coming closer…my unfortunate future. But what can I do really? Ever since Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) passed, almost every single freakin’ building in Manhattan has been decorated with Christmas lights, decorations, or even large displays of Christmas stuff out in the open. It’s impossible to forget that Christmas is..

Egg tarts, dumplings, chocolate dumplings and more…

I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “I want some Chinese food.” Obviously being in New York, that means Chinatown. So, before I left my house I just grab a cup of coffee and a banana, in hopes of stuffing myself with good Chinese food. The problem with the morning commute is that I haven’t been to Chinatown in a loong time, as in the last time I’ve written about Chinatown was about 2 months ago, long. So, I’ve lost my way there wandering around the streets trying to figure out where the heck are the three spots..

Belated food blog: Tuesday, 9/19

The past Tuesday, 9/19, I ventured out to Chinatown. The heartland of all things cheap in Manhattan and have real Chinese food; not those Americanized food like sesame chicken. Of course, some restaurants cater to the tourists of the city and do carry the Americanized foods but that’s not what I seek in Chinatown. The place of choice I went to is the Chatham Restaurant on 9 Chatham Square. This place is basically a dim sum place but more “rustic.” Not exactly, as you will see from the photo, a fancy restaurant.This place is pretty well known in my family,..