Elegant Buffet Brunch at Ai Fiori

Inside the dining room; Live jazz band playing; Table setting Ai Fiori recently launched Sunday Brunch a few weekends ago. When I read the menu on their website originally, I presumed, it’s a two-course brunch for $65. But I thought, why not go there with my parents since I did have a very good experience for dinner a few years ago for my mother’s birthday. And it’s a great (albeit gluttonous and decadent) sendoff for myself before I head out to Barcelona, Spain. Bountiful bread basket, fresh chocolate croissants, Tiers of sweets, Bagel filling spread, Italian charcuterie; Desserts of millefeuilles,..

Brunch at The Butterfly

The Butterfly – Exterior, Interior and Our drinks & brunch menu Chef Michael White’s newest venture opened in late June of this year called The Butterfly. This is place is meant to be a place for well made cocktails (the drinks menu is collaborated with one of the most respected bartenders in the industry, Eben Freeman (if you could recall the olden days of Tailor with the solid cocktails)) that serves very good retro American food. The retro theme of the 1950s are nuanced throughout the restaurant from the font on the menus, the classic cocktails like Mai Tai and..

Brunch at Talula’s Garden (Philadelphia, PA)

Entry to Talula’s Garden, the main dining room and outdoor dining space On a recent blisteringly hot Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Talula’s Garden for brunch. We’re quite taken by the unusual entrance to the restaurant as you’ll first encounter the beautiful outdoor terrace dining space where several brave souls dining their way through this heat. We seek shelter from the brutal heat and was welcomed by the spacious dining space that feels almost felt like we’re in an upscale French country home with its center room having Alice Waters’ quote “A garden brings life and beauty to the..

Brunch at Lafayette Restaurant

*Please note: The entire post’s photos were taken with my iPhone 5.* Lafayette’s brunch menu, Inside Lafayette, Peering at their beautiful bakery section and the tart du jour (tart of the day) The past weekend, my friend and I decided to have brunch at Lafayette, owned by Andrew Carmellini, the same chef who started the rustic Italian restaurant Locanda Verde and the all-American fare The Dutch. I’ve read many reviews over the past few months and I’ve read many who tout how Executive Chef Damon Wise and Pastry Chef Jennifer Yee (who takes care of the pastry and café/bakery programs)..

Brunch at The Marrow

Ever since The Marrow was buzzing earlier this year, I’ve been wondering how Chef Harold Dieterle would mesh Germanic and Italian fare, after opening and operating his other restaurants Perilla and the Thai-inspired Kin Shop, all in the West Village. I finally made my first visit for brunch with a good friend of mine who is equally curious as I am as he is a fan of Perilla restaurant.

Brunch with Friends at Salumeria Rosi

Interior of Salumiera Rosi The weekend after New Year’s, I thought of reconnecting with a few friends I’ve missed over the holidays. Discussing where we should have brunch, I found out one of my friends recently moved to the Upper West Side, just steps away from Salumeria Rosi.* Salumeria Rosi is a small neighborhood salumi shop found right at the entrance and it shares the space of the 30-ish seat restaurant. In the middle of the restaurant it has an interesting, primarily white carving except the colored portions were the hams and salumi. This restaurant (and its newer Upper East..

Brunch at Pera SoHo

Pera SoHo exterior and interiors; Our drinks to start This past weekend I had a good brunch overall at Pera SoHo. This Mediterranean restaurant had lots of Turkish touches that intrigued me to have brunch here. (I’m not a fan of traditional brunch. I think a typical brunch would be run of the mill breakfast food and one has an excuse to drink booze in the morning.) On that note, we started with a delicious and fruity red wine sangria and a potent yet balanced Turkish apricot bellini ($7 each). Not long from the arrival of our drinks, the waiter..

Brunch at Balaboosta & Emmanuel Hamon’s Confections

Brunch menu, Interior of Balaboosta & Coffee About three weeks ago, I met my friends, Emmanuel and Sonia Hamon, at Balaboosta for brunch. This lovely couple was visiting from Breton, France (geographically, it’s close to Brittany) for vacation. The slightly intriguing thing was that this is their first brunch experience since the French generally don’t have this meal or notion of what New Yorkers (or generalize this further, Americans) about this meal called brunch. I heard good things about Balaboosta so I might as well point them to this restaurant and hope they’ll enjoy it. To give you some background,..

Yogurt Themed Brunch

Earlier this week, I received a bunch of Dannon Activia yogurts by Foodbuzz (seen here) to cook a brunch for a couple of friends. I’ve tried the flavors prior to making anything. I had vanilla, and their fruit flavored yogurts Harvest Picks of peach, strawberry and mixed berry. They tasted good. It’s not too thick or thin and it had a minute amount of tartness from the yogurt cultures. I also liked there were some chunks of fruit, if applicable, blended in there as well. Whole wheat yogurt blueberry pancakes with a mixed berry smoothie Since it was brunch, I..