New Flatiron Location of Maison Kayser (NYC)

Exterior of Maison Kayser at 921 Broadway; Bread display at the to-go section and interior of the café Maison KayserMaison Kayser opened its second New York City location in the Flatiron District. Hearing from a few friends and many people (who are NYC based) who follow me on Instagram said to me, “Finally!” when I started to IG food photos of their new location when I ate there on Wednesday evening (the bakery’s first day). Even though I do like Maison Kayser’s first location, having a location in the Flatiron District, on 921 Broadway at 21st Street, is very convenient..

Chocolate Baking Class at Le Pain Quotidien (NYC)

This weekend, I attended a three-hour Le Pain Quotidien Baking Class, Bleeker Street, New York City by registering via CourseHorse. CourseHorse is a website that connect people to discover, compare and enroll in high quality local learning programs, ranging from casual programs, like cooking, art, and fitness to professional skill building courses like finance, writing or HTML. Since I’m slowly delving into bread baking, I thought Le Pain Quotidien could inform and enlighten me with a few things about bread baking, and heck, I love chocolate.

Kerrygold Cashel Blue Cheese – Savory Walnut Shortbread Cookies & Rye Rosemary Cashel Blue Cheese Bread

Recently, I’ve received a large wheel of Kerrygold Cashel Blue Cheese. Since I love cheese of every kind my mind was buzzing with ideas as to what to do with it. Cashel Blue cheese has a unique, voluptuous, creamy texture with a minerally undertone (I even taste malt) complemented by a delightful, mild blue tang. It’s a cheese that has lots of big flavors that could stand up to a lot of robust foods, beers, and even a good Pinot Noir.

SCRATCHbread, Brooklyn, NY

SCRATCHbread’s side exterior and the menus at their takeout window SCRATCHbread is a brand that I’ve been aware of over the past two years, thanks to the great video my friend Liza of Food. Curated. created. Eventually, I met Matt at a few local food events over the years, ate his delicious breads and food stuffs, and flirted with the idea of schlepping to Brooklyn – except I haven’t until yesterday. I know. It’s an overdue visit that I regret not making earlier. SCRATCHbread is essentially a bakery based in Bed-Stuy started by its proprietor/head baker Matthew Tilden. You shouldn’t..

Maison Kayser in NYC

Interior of Maison Kayser and pastries in the display case Maison Kayser opened its first New York City bakery/café back in early last month. This international artisanal bakery was prevalent in Paris when I vacationed at that amazing city back in 2010 (here’s my photo set of just that bakery’s visit in Paris). Back then when I researched the numerous boulangeries (bread bakeries) and patisseries (pastry bakeries), Kayser was mainly known for baking excellent breads (which was true) and does a good job on the pastries (I didn’t get to try them in Paris, only loaves of bread). Since Kayser..

Jane’s Sweet Buns in East Village – Robust, Liquor-Infused Pastries

Bakery front, Neon sign, and Interior A little more than a week ago, Jane’s Sweet Buns opened its doors to the public, baking cocktail inspired pastries and cakes and serving it to the public. Cienfuegos mixologist, Jane Danger is the red-headed temptress behind these goods and yes, she can bake very well. (I’ll get into detail a little later.) Born and raised in the Midwest and learned how to bake by Martha Stewart, she hit her stride over the years baking cakes for friends and recently, adding liquor to make more interesting to adults.

The Blue Duck Bakery Cafe in Southold, NY

Blue Duck Bakery Cafe at Southold: Exterior and Retail area Continuing on my road trip around the Hamptons area, we stopped by Blue Duck Bakery Cafe, a 13-year old establishment cranking out, in my humble opinion, one of the best artisan breads around New York. I met with the friendly co-owners, also husband and wife, Keith and Nancy to give me a nickel tour of their bakery. This is a family business that most of their adult children are responsible for parts of this business, from the baking to the business/accounting aspect. Most of their business is wholesale, selling to..

Baked Beef Buns, “Cha Siu Bao” Style

As of the past weekend, my entire family have been scheming what to cook and eat for Lunar or Chinese New Year. Coincidentally, Chinese New Year falls on the same date as Valentine’s Day this year. Proofed, filled buns; Brushing on egg Anyway, as we’re planning out loud what we can do and must do for tradition and for the sake of ambition of tackling dishes we’ve never done. Going along with the latter, my dad and I collaborated the effort of baking cha siu bao-style buns (aka baked Chinese BBQ pork buns) except we’ve replaced the pork filling with..

An Early Morning Duty…

It’s just one of those mornings when I have to get up at 4:30 AM and start cranking out breakfast. I know it’s an insane time for most of you to get up that early but if you have a demanding mother who requests you to bake this as the last home baked breakfast for your younger brother before he goes back to college, you have to do it. Trust me. Living with a mom who can start World War III for the smallest things isn’t worth the fight. Are you worth my sleep time? So, I started prepping my..