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Best Memories & Meals in 2012

It’s kind of hard to wrap my mind that it’s almost the end of 2012. Time and life never takes a break but sometimes serendipitous things happen. (In relatively random order.) First thing in mind would be my graduation gift from the luxe chocolate and pastry brand, La Maison du Chocolat… A large Andalouise cake from La Maison du Chocolat My Andalouise cake from La Maison du Chocolat is something I never anticipated them gifting me and sending well wishes for my graduation from graduate school. This seasonal cake is intensely flavored of lemon pastry cream and chocolate mousse, chocolate..

Best Meals and Moments in 2011

2011 have been a whirlwind for me (in a good way). A few trips outside of New York City. Many food events that I never imagine I could ever eat my way through. The many people I’ve met through the year – familiar faces, new acquaintances and partnerships. I am very close to finishing graduate school. I am thankful for the many people who supported me this year – family, friends, and many others – personally and professionally. Here are my best meals and moments in 2011. It’s in no particular order, just meals that I thought were astonishingly delicious..

The Best Dishes/Things I Ate In 2009

I know I’m way overdue for a post to you all. Granted, I didn’t write as many posts as I should in regards to my Hong Kong/Zhuhai, China trip and a few other places I’ve eaten in New York City. But here’s a recap of what I thought was memorable during the year of 2009 in no particular order (and some of them I haven’t written posts but they’re good enough to mention here). Side note: I can’t believe we’re ending the first decade of the second millennia already! Liang Pi Liang Pi from Xi’an Famous Foods in Flushing. I..

In Search of the French Macaron in NYC…

Finding a delicious or even a good French macaron in New York City is nearly impossible. Why? It’s because it’s not that popular in comparison to (the easily confused with) the coconut macaroon and the ones I usually find taste terrible. So, Robyn and I set out a journey to find the best macaron possible in New York City yesterday morning. Let me set up some standards to let you know what is a “good” macaron. A good macaron should be sweet but not cloyingly so, it has to have a good ratio of cookie to filling, and the cookie..

The Best Muffin in NYC Goes To…?

Notes: I know this is a post that I’ve spoken about ages ago that I should’ve written but I was lazy. Sorry. It’s better late than never. This may be a good way to start the new year by knowing where to get your morning muffin. (End note) Hmm…you have to read it out to know the answer. Yes… you have to read out my rants and raves of who’s the best, superb muffin to who just got the most awful thing I put in my mouth that doesn’t deserve to have the name, muffin. I would call it garbage,..

The Best of Croissants…Part 2

Well as promised, I would continue my trek for some great croissants that could match Mr. Claude’s. Actually there is a potential rival. I have visited another ten bakeries. So here’s the list…(and I’m still using the same rating system) Balthazar Bakery located in 80 Spring Street (near Crosby St.) in SoHo. It’s a popular place for all things French since it created a huge buzz back five to ten years ago. I never ate in their restaurant but I went to their bakery a few times before. I tried their Almond Croissant ($2.50) a few hours after I bought..

Who Has the Best Scones in NYC?

I’m really going with the whole theme of “who’s got the best of…(some type of food)?” Can’t help it really. If I’m craving for a certain type of food heck, I’ll search the ends of New York City, to get it and possibly pay for that certain price tag. So, it’s all about scones today. I love a good scone, especially the ones just out the oven, I would be in heaven. Unfortunately, the academic life restricts my schedule from actually bake scones and amongst a ton of other things. Seriously, I’m in dire need to bake just to take..

Macarons…who has them in NYC? Who's the best?

Macarons…I’m talking about the French style macarons, not those coconut mounds that it’s spelled macaroons. Macarons are simple cookies, made from almond powder, sugar and egg whites, then sandwiched with a layer of flavored cream or jam.To my surprise (well, not really) that there aren’t that many bakeries and shops that sell these yummy pastry delights in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Obviously, in Paris it’s ubiquitous (after drooling after reading Robyn’s multiple blogs about them on her stay in Paris; that’s my original inspiration to this blog. Thank you, Robyn!). I guess the American palate doesn’t like the delicate cookie and..

Who Has the Best Croissants in NYC?

For the past two weeks, I’ve been searching for the best croissant. To tell you the truth, it’s been a hardship for my arteries and my wallet. I practically ate 5 pounds of butter from all of those croissants! I could imagine that my cardiologist in the future, would love me. At least I’m young that I can lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. Also, I’m thinking of abstaining from croissants for a week. I should mention before we go into the critiques, what I consider a good or possibly a great croissant. A good croissant should be fresh (obviously), a..