Bae Ice Cream (Los Angeles, CA)

Interior with Halloween decorations

If you are looking for a soft serve ice cream cafe that has a particular modern, moody aesthetic that is quite Instagrammable that would be Bae. Not to say their ice cream is bad at all; it’s tasty and the shop is located in DTLA (Downtown LA)’s Little Tokyo neighborhood. Their signature flavor, so to speak, is the activated charcoal flavored with pineapple called “Heartbreak.” The charcoal doesn’t give off any flavor and the pineapple is quite delicate that you’re getting a gentle flick of fruity acidity than an intense pineapple flavor.

src=”https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1907/31710664538_a226a249e7_c.jpg” alt=”Mixed Feelings – Activated charcoal wih pineapple swirled with vanilla soft serve topped with edible gold sprinkles in black cocoa waffle cone” width=”534″ height=”800″ />
Earl Coco swirled soft serve - Earl grey tea swirled with vanilla in green tea waffle cone
Charcoal latte

For something to drink, they do offer some caffeinated beverages (both tea and espresso based) and juices – from the bright yellow golden latte infused with turmeric to the lover’s latte colored with beets and coconut. Sticking with the theme of charcoal, I’ve opted for the charcoal latte that has a little bit of liquid activated charcoal, espresso and lightly sweetened with agave and it’s tasty.

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Official Website
369 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 266-8899


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