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Storyville Coffee at Pike Market (Seattle, WA)

Curved coffee bar

Storyville Coffee opened its doors in October 2013. Pike Place Market is the Seattle-based brand’s flagship store. The Pike Market the beating heart of the city’s culinary scene. Steeped in coffee history and community, the Pike Place Market can be very intimidating for any new business hoping to stand out, let alone another coffee shop.

The Market birthed the nation’s coffee culture with the opening of the first Starbucks store in 1971, followed by the first Seattle’s Best Coffee store in 1984. In addition to these coffee giants, Pike Place Market today is also home to four smaller coffee shops (not including other businesses that serve coffee), all housed within a three block radius. In the shadow of such stiff competition, Storyville had to deliver beyond the basics of product excellence, great atmosphere, and outstanding customer service.

This coffeeshop is upscale than most Seattle coffee shops, furnished with leather couches, sepia-toned lighting, and arched windows looking out on the market’s famous clock, riveted metal panels in some places, polished wood elsewhere, a wall of stock-photo-style Pacific Northwest images, a flock of shapely old-fashioned lightbulbs with glowing filaments near the space-age underlit coffee bar.


We dropped by one gray afternoon to Storyville and check out this place since our hotel was nearby and relax for a bit after sightseeing. We had insanely delicious cups of cappuccino, tea latte and cortado. All expertly made and stopping by for a pick-me-up any time.

Salted caramel puff pastry
Goat cheese and herb pinwheel pastry

We snacked on their in-house made salted caramel puff pastry and goat cheese and herb pinwheel pastry. The salted caramel puff pastry delivered on the sweet, slightly salty, sticky caramel flavors on the buttery pastry. We just wished it’s more flakier and puffed up more so it wouldn’t be too dense and chewy. Our savory pastry was nicely puffed and flaky and the filling was very tasty with the salty, tangy goat cheese and herb filling.

Storyville's granola and coffee beans

We picked up a bag of (fantastic) in-house made granola that nutty, beautifully toasted and generous on the pecans and dried fruits. I’ve picked up a bag of their coffee just to remind me of the superb cup of joe I’ve had but in my home in New York City.

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Storyville Coffee

Pike Place location
94 Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 780-5777