Daily Archives: June 23, 2013

Supper Club Dinner by Chef Michael Patlazhan at KitchenSurfing Test Kitchen

[Translate] Table setting, pouring wine This past Friday, I was invited to Chef Michael Patlazhan‘s Supper Club that took place at KitchenSurfing is a marketplace for chefs. Where they match up personal chefs and people who need a cook at high and low price points and for a variety of types of engagements, from cooking lessons for the kids to fried chicken parties to 10-course anniversary dinners. They hire chefs by testing out their skills based on a dish they would like to cook for Mr. Leventhal and his staff and if they fit into their database and clientele. KitchenSurfing’s..

Homemade Zongzhi (肉粽)

[Translate] Homemade Zongzi (肉粽) A few weeks ago, I made zongzi (肉粽) for Dragon Boat Festival. This festival is a Chinese holiday that traditionally, we eat this delicious, hearty sticky rice dumpling. (more…)