Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt & Greek-Style Yogurt

Coconut and pomegranate frozen yogurt (side by side) with fresh raspberries Pinkberry Fro-Yos: Mango frozen yogurt with fruits and chocolate chips Pinkberry Fro-Yos: Salted caramel frozen yogurt with chocolate toffee, chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries
Various Pinkberry Frozen Yogurts

As most of us New Yorkers are aware of Pinkberry‘s signature frozen yogurt that has a distinct tartness and arguably started the trend of frozen yogurts springing up all over this city.

Recently, I had their mango frozen yogurt topped with fruits and chocolate chips, salted caramel frozen yogurt with chocolate covered pretzels, toffee, and strawberries, and pomegranate and coconut frozen yogurts with fresh raspberries. All were good in its own way. The most interesting was the salted caramel fro-yo with the chocolate pretzels as it reinforced the saltiness of the frozen treat.

Pinkberry Greek yogurt: Sunflower Cucumber with olive oil
Pinkberry Greek-style yogurt topped with cucumber, olive oil, sunflower crisps

The slightly unexpected yet good thing to “discover” was their introduction of thick Greek-style yogurt topped with various fruits, granola, and even savory ingredients like olive oil, cucumber, tomato, basil, and balsamic vinegar.

I had the cucumber, olive oil, and sunflower crisps ($5.45) as its delicately savory and I liked the crunchiness of the sunflower crisps. This makes for a great snack for those who prefer their yogurt a bit more warmer and possibly savory, if you choose those options.


(Locations I ate; for more locations head to their website and the Greek-style yogurt is available at all of their Manhattan locations except Spring St)

170 8th Avenue (between W 18th & 19th St)
New York, NY 10011

2508 Broadway (between W 93rd & 94th St; newest location)
New York, NY 10025


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