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Upcoming Food Events on September 2011

August seems like the relative down-time for partying on a large scale but for sure, September is one heck of a busy month eating (and blowing out) your stomachs. Want to check out some food-filled fun events for the month of September? See below (listed in chronological order)… Pig Island Website: http://www.pigisland.com Date: Saturday, September 10, 2011, rain or shine Location: Governor’s Island Pig Island II is an all-local event, featuring farmers, chefs, brewers and vintners, bringing the best of New York State to New York City. The event will source 80 hogs from NY farmers, prepared by 20 top..

Emmi Roth Cheeses

A selection of Emmi Roth cheeses For a while I’ve been a quiet fan of Emmi Roth‘s cheeses. I found them to be pretty darn good artisan Swiss cheeses that is produced on a large scale. They produce award winning cheeses and it shows when you taste and cook with them. The two imported Swiss cheese are from the Kaltbach family. The Kaltbach Emmentaler AOC matures in the the raw cow’s milk for 3 months in the cheese dairy and at least 9 months in the cave. It’s nutty with a touch of pleasantly sharp tang. Their Le Gruyère AOC..